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Is Vaping Replacing Smoking?

Since the widespread awareness of tobacco being a cancerous agent and cigarettes, people have grown wary of the traditional methods of smoking due to many other health related issues that come with it. And let’s face, smoking traditional cigarettes is an expensive habit and (metaphorically speaking) can burn a hole through your pocket. As smokers become more aware of the serious consequences of cigarette smoking, a number of people are making their transition to more efficient habit by switching to e cigs and e liquids, often referred to as vaping. Statistics show that more than 60% of traditional smokers wish to quit the habit, but the addiction is too strong to do so. As more information comes to light about vaping and e cigs being more openly available, people want a better experience of smoking with better health without compromising with their nicotine craving. E cigs have become a common practice among heavy smokers who wish to keep the health risks at bay, yet want to satisfy their want for nicotine after a long day.

What makes vaping popular is that the e cigs are completely customizable in several aspects, depending on your personal liking. E liquids come in various concentrations and different consistencies for the consumer to choose from and you can constantly experiment with a long line of flavors. Vaping is not only good for your health, but also environment friendly since there is no waste produced from it. It is also completely safe for others to inhale (passive smokers) unlike traditional cigarettes that pose an environmental and medical threat to smokers and people around them.

What is an e Cigarette made of?

An e cig in most cases is primarily made of 4 parts which are highly customizable according to the user’s requirements.

The Battery: It charges up the head (atomizer) of the e cig which in turn heats or vaporizes the e liquid to create vapor. The larger the battery size, the longer you’ll be able use the e cig without having to charge it.

The Head: Also known as the clearomiser or cartomiser, the head of the e cig heats up the e liquid, which in turn produces vapors inhaled by the user.

The e Liquid: The e liquid is available at stores in a variety of concentration and flavors which may or may not contain nicotine. If the user is utilizing the e cigs to quit the habit of smoking, they can use nicotine free e liquids which will help them curb their nicotine cravings.

The Charger: Required to charge your e cigarettes and depend on the size and capacity if the e cig battery

Once you have developed a taste for the e cigs, you can try customizing them as they are not restricted to just one brand. Although you may need a charger according to the capacity of the battery for vaping, all e cig atomizers will perfectly fit the batteries of other brands. You can purchase a starter kit to begin with or just purchase the different components separately.

How do I choose the right e Cigarette for me?

E cigs have become an extremely popular alternative among smokers in the past few years and many brands of e cigarettes are available in stores for people to try out. You would be stumped by the number of e cig alternatives you can find in the market today with different types of colors, capacities and customizations to suit your requirements. Although there are disposable e cigs available too, it is a common practice to buy reusable e cigs since they are environment friendly and cost much less in the long run than the disposable ones. However if you are new to vaping and are just getting used to the concept, it is best for you to choose a vaping starter kit to get you through the initial stages. Later when you are comfortable with the type of e cig and the concentration and flavors of the e liquids, you can customize the e cigs according to your personal requirements to get the optimum vaping experience.

How do I choose the right e Liquid for me?

Being new to vaping can be a bit confusing when it comes to choosing the e liquids since there is a large variety to select from, available in different flavors and concentrations. Although many e liquids are especially available for people who want to completely quit smoking (0% nicotine e liquids), the average e liquid would contain nicotine ranging from 0mg-24mg (which is the range between light cigarettes and large cigars). E liquids are mixture of mainly 4 ingredients: Nicotine (varies), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene Glycol) and other flavoring agents.

The composition of the e liquids contain roughly 2% raw nicotine, 10% flavoring and additives and the rest of the 88% is the VG and PG and their concentration depends on the type of vaping you prefer. VG is known to impart sweeter taste to the vaping and forms dense smoke whereas PG is mostly flavorless and produces more of the throat hit sensation than flavor. If you are new to vaping, it is recommended to use both in 50/50 mixture and then move towards the ratio that best suits your vaping.

How can vaping help me quit smoking for good?

Although vaping provides ways to reduce or completely cut off your nicotine consumption with the help of customizable e liquids, e cigs are not a way to change someone’s attitude towards traditional smoking and e cigs are not classified as nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine gum, nicotine patches). Although vaping will definitely help someone who does want to quit smoking but cannot curb their addictions. Vaping and e cigs have innumerable benefits over the traditional cigarettes such as –

  • Extremely healthy over the traditional cigars and cigarettes since it uses 0% tobacco that causes cancer and lung diseases.


  • Environment friendly as it leaves no harmful toxic residue as well as no harm caused to passive smokers.


  • Improves personal hygiene with no more cigarette smell in cars, houses and clothes.


  • You save a considerable amount of money since e cigs are reusable and are long lasting.